Monday, August 26, 2013

August 2013 Trip to Lancaster County

Peg and I wanted to see the play NOAH at Sight and Sound theatre, so we planned a short trip around going to see it (even though we saw it years ago in the same theatre),  

Peg arrived Thursday evening and we

 left my house early Friday morning and drove directly to Lancaster County, PA.  Our first stop was for a buffet lunch at BIRD IN HAND FAMILY SMORASBORD in Bird in Hand.  Once again, we were not disappointed.........for something like $12.50 we had a lot of choices (but not as big as at dinner time) in a friendly, homey atmosphere. I think this is my favorite picture from the entire weekend.  Several Amish people looks like two mothers and their children seemed to be waiting for a ride:
 Then we went to the Bird in Hand Farmers Market.  I purchased a few small items.  Then we looked for a geocache behind an antique shop across the road, but did not find it.  I noticed this  in front of an antiques shop across the road from the market.  Then we went on to our loding at the Motel 6 in Gordonville.  I took a nap while Peggy took a long walk and then we headed to the theatre.

The play was absolutely wonderful.  Even though we had already seen NOAH, years ago, it was like seeing it for the first time.  Upon returning to our lodging, we had a snack of bagels and cream cheese before retiring.

Saturday morning we went to a really neat Amish farmstand just down the road and also did a bit of geocaching.  We  found the one called PUBLIC RESTROOMS HERE but could not find the one near the library in Intercourse.  Our cousin, Susan, met up with us back at our lodging and we set out for a day of exploring and eating!  We drove down to Quarryville and looked around.  We really need to do this again on a day when we have more time, since its quite spread out.  We saw one schoolhouse, which I took a couple of pictures of.   We saw a second schoolhouse, I think in the Georgetown area, and we saw some beautiful horses there.   Then we headed back to Intercourse, where we went to the Intercourse Canning Company and Stolzfus Meats, which are both in new locations, directly across the road from each other.  I made a few purchases.

 And then it was on to SHADY MAPLES in East Earl.  Susan had eaten here many times, its her favorite buffet in the Amish area, but it was the first time for Peg and I.  The choices were endless!  I particularly liked the scalloped corn.   Then we went to the market associated with Shady Maples, and I purchased a couple of items including the best grapes I have ever had (black seedless).  We also found a geocache in the parking lot outside of Shady Maples.

Then we went to Leola to my favorite farmstand where I purchased several items.  Susan was really impressed with the prices here!  I purchased several items.  And from there back to our lodging.

Susan stayed a short while and we visited.  I sent some diapers and wipes back with her to give to Michael and Kim for their new baby, and I also sent some candy corn for Laura.  After Sue left, I took a nap while Peg took a long walk.

That evening we  did some quick geocaching before it got dark, finding THREE !  Then we stopped at Taco Bell so Peggy could get something and then onto FIVE GUYS where I had a great burger.

Sunday morning we went to THE OUTPOURING of Lancaster, which is really in Leola.  This church is very friendly and very lively!  Definitely NOT a "moderate" church!  After church we found a nice park like area along a creek where we had a picnic lunch before heading north.

We had supper at the Chinese Buffet on Chestnut Street before arriving home a bit before eight p.m.

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