Monday, April 29, 2013

Saturday April 27th in Lockport, NY

This morning Peggy and I worked more on the apartment.  For lunch I wanted to go to REIDS but she didn't, so we stopped at SUBWAY so she could get a sub and then went to REID'S.  Then we went to the Amish bulk food store, and explored the Amish area a bit.  We saw a lot of Amish buggies and Amish people at their school, it looked like some sort of sports event...........?  We also went to Miller's General Store.

Then we decided to go to Golden Beach State Park and check out the lighthouse where Mike and Janie are planning to get married in a few weeks.  We were able to take a guided tour of the lighthouse.  Peg remembered finding a geocache at some neat ruins nearby, and we found the location of that.  I found the cache and we checked out the ruins.

We had a bit of "down time" before we needed to be at Mike's house for pizza.  They had pizza, chicken fingers and desert.....everything was good.  Then we all went to Cold Springs Cemetery where we walked around a lot and Mike showed Peg and I the graves of many of our Bowler ancestors.

It was a great day!!!

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