Monday, April 22, 2013

Harpursville Adventure!

I had tentative plans to go to Bloomville geocachiang with Luckless today, but the plans fell through, and I had that "all dressed up and noplace to go" feeling.  So, I called Carol and asked if she might like to go on a daytrip with me.  She said "make a plan and I will be there".

I went through my list of ideas and decided to go to Harpursville, New York to see the old store.  Then I found information about a historical museum in Harpursville, and I contacted someone who agreed to meet Carol and I there and open the museum (first time in 2013) and also to take us to the restored one room schoolhouse down the road.

Carol arrived at 9:35 and we went to Oneonta to get gas and so she could go to NBT bank, and then we headed out to Harpursville via I-88.  Harpursville was easy to find and we pulled up to the church just as
our tourguide was getting out of her car.   Fran opened up the church and showed us the displays in the museum and told us about the church.  Then we followed her down to the one room school house. We spent about a half hour there.  After that, we found a geocache hidden near an l890's bridge that is no longer used.

Then we went to the BREAD AND BUTTER STORE, which started out as HEGEDORN's many years and has been a store continuously.  Carol bought some liverwurst and I bought some bananas.  We also went to the feed store where Carol asked about a  certain kind of feed she needs for her horses.  In that area, I took a few more pictures.

By then it was close to one p.m. so we headed to GRAMMA'S COUNTRY CAFE
where we had a very nice lunch.

On the way back to Oneonta, we stopped at the FrogPond and at PINE RIDGE GROCERIES.

After the FrogPond, Carol wanted to go to Sidney to buy a new cigarette machine for her husband.  Just before the turn to take us to Sidney, I noticed the fishing access area so I pulled in and Carol found the geocache that I looked for last fall when it was missing.  Then we went to SMOKERS CHOICE and then to PRICE CHOPPER and picked up a few groceries.  

We arrived back at my house a few minutes before five p.m.  I was totally exhausted!  

My complete set of todays pictures can be seen here:

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