Friday, April 26, 2013

Day One: trip to Lockport (April 25th, 2013)

I headed east towards Lockport around 9:45 a.m., following the directions given to me by my navigation system.  It seemed like a strange route to start out on, but I knew I was headed in the right direction so I just went with the flow.  :)   I drove through Georgetown and saw the SPIRIT HOUSE, and kept going since I took pictures of it not too long ago.

I had no idea where I was, when I saw a sign for an Amish buggy, so I decided to turn and drive down that road a couple of miles, hoping that I might find an Amish stand selling home baked goods.  I didn't, but noticed a neat old building that looked like an old time store. I turned around and drove back to see the old building that I thought might have been a store.  I stopped to take a picture and a guy came out and offered to let me go inside and look around. Turns out it is a l830s building that was originally a general store and post office, had many reincarnations over the years and now this guy (I think he said his name is Glenn Marks) has a business called Shed's Bottles & Cans Redemption Center.  He said I could take pictures, so I took a few, but the most interesting and picturesque thing in the old store is the facade of the original post office (at least I think its the original).

I took a few pictures and he showed me some old pictures and he told me a bit about some of the
nearby buildings, like this tiny building right across the road that used to be the fire station! 
This building which now is a dog grooming business used to be a school. 
It turns out that I was in the village or hamlet of Sheds, New York, but I don't think there was a sign announcing this.

I  continued on, realizing that I was two hours from home, and had not yet driven fifty miles, so I decided it was time to do more driving and less sightseeing and picture taking.  But I stopped at this old cemetery. 

Once I got to North Tonawanda, I saw the WURLITZER BUILDING and the WURLITZER museum, but didn't stop.  I had supper at a place called Granny's Cafe..... .....turns out they offered Greek and Mediterranean food instead of old time food that gramma probably prepared!   I had an open faced sandwich and greek salad, both were good.

I attended a meeting at Heritage Christian Services in North Tonawanda and then drove to Lockport, arriving at 17 around quarter to nine.   Peggy had just arrived home herself after an extremely busy day, so we talked a bit and then I went to bed.