Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I met up with Connie and her Mom at Fox Nursing home today.  Anne was just finishing up her lunch, and when she was done, Connie called a cab to take the two of them out to her place.  We did not really like the first A and D cab driver.  Connie had been told ahead of time that they could provide a driver who could help with getting the wheelchair and transfers, but this guy only had one hand!  And he was a bit on the unfriendly side.   Also, we were planning on a regular car (sedan) and instead we got a mini-van.  Neverthless, we persevered and Anne and Connie rode in the mini-van cab and I followed behind them with some groceries Connie had gotten that morning.

We had a bit of difficulty getting Anne and her wheelchair into Connie's trailer, but we managed.  Connie provided a really nice lunch of coldcuts and salad.  Anne told some funny stories and some of her favorite memories, including singing a few very VERY old songs!

When it came time for desert, we had a bit of excitement.  Connie had just taken the cake out of the box and set it on a plate and was moving from her counter to the kitchen table when the cake slid off the plate onto the floor.  You should have seen the look on her face!
I had missed out on taking a picture BEFORE the cake got wrecked, so I took one AFTER.  As you can see it was a marble cake with chocolate fluffy frosting.  Connie was able in a straight line and rescue the bottom part of the cake and we all had a piece along with some gourmet cookies, brownie bites and other assorted pastries from Hannafords.  

We called A and D again to ask for another taxi, and we requested specifically someone who could help us more.  Mike showed up in a sedan and he was SPECTACULAR.  I asked if we can request him the next time and he said we can.  He wheeled Anne and the wheelchair down the ramp and he was willing to take as much time as possible to get Anne and her wheelchair and the walker into the cab.  Connie felt so confident in Mike that she said I did not need to accompany them back to Oneonta!!!

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