Friday, February 1, 2013

Return to the Bibliobarn

I packed up several boxes of books to take to the BIBLIOBARN in South Kortright. I called my friend, Linda, and asked her if she wanted to go along for the ride and she said yes.

We met up at the Diner in Davenport and headed out to S. Kortright, arriving at the BIBLIOBARN aroundd 10:20 a.m.

While H.L. and Linda went through my books, Linda and I wandered around and looked at books. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

H. L. commented that the pictures I took when I was there before were very good. I had forgotten that I showed him them, via email.

I dropped Linda off at her car at the diner and headed into Oneonta to do several errands. I stopped at the LUNCHBOX DELI for lunch and had a great fish fry.

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