Friday, February 22, 2013


PARK and GRAB Adventure

Leslie and I met up at KOST TIRE this morning in order to do some local geocaching.  All the caches we chose were the "park and grab" type which do not require any walking and searching in the woods (which we both enjoy a lot).

The first one was Kiltlifter Scotts INFINITY CACHE.  Our GPS's were not working well in this parking lot so we had to lift a few skirts before getting the one right.  Then at the other end of the same mall we found
TAP THE SAP, another quick and easy micro.  Then we drove up Swart Hollow Road so I could find
ONEONTA: CITY OF THE HILLS.  Another quick and easy one.  Then we headed to the other side of
Oneonta to look for DOWNIE ON THE FARM.  We were not successful with this one.  I suspect that we did not dig deep enough into the snow at the bottom of the posts holding the guard rail up.  And then we
headed to Munsons and parked and found TO GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE.

We then had lunch at PONDO'S 2.  We ordered a fourteen inch supreme pizza, which was VERY good.
After that we drove to the Cooperstown Junction area to look for one that we could not get to on New Years Eve Day.  When we got there, we realized that neither one of us had the coords, and we couldn't
even remember the name of it, but we remembered where the coords were and found it quick enough.
PULL OFF IN THE WOODS was the name of it.

After a quick stop at PRICE CHOPPER so I could use the restroom and pick up a flier, Leslie dropped me
off back at KOST.

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