Friday, January 18, 2013

West Edmeston and Solsville Adventure

Carol and I met up in New Berlin at nine a.m. today and headed to the harness shop so that she could pick up her saddle at the harness and tack shop in West Edmeston.   Levi had done some repair work on it for her.  Carol talked with him about possibly purchasing a leather strap, for some purpose, but I could not tell you why.  Anyways, I kind of snuck  this picture when Levi's back was somewhat turned to me.  

Then we went to the new Amish bulk food store that we had heard about. IT is not very large, but they offer a lot of items.  I purchased a pair of gloves and several food items.    Then we drove to the Amish one room school house which we had found last spring.  It appeared that school was not in session today.  

Amish School House in West Edmeston, NY by JuneNY.There are two outhouses in the yard behind the school, probably one for boys and the other for girls.  Using one of those would not be any fun in this cold weather.    

        Then we drove up to Route 20 to look for the KOUNTRY KUPBOARD.  We found it and it is a larger bulk food store that also offers baked goods and some lunch items.  I bought some bread and then we headed for Solsville to check out the HOTEL SOLSVILLE as a possible place to have lunch.  Carol seemed unsure about whether or not it would be OK to eat here, but I really wanted to eat in this historic hotel and former stagecoach stop.  
         I ordered a steak salad with garlic toast and onion rings and Carol ordered the meatloaf melt sandwich . We shared and everything was VERY good and I think Carol was glad we ate there.  

 After that we headed back towards New Berlin, taking a different route, through Sherburne.  We stopped at the DOLLAR GENERAL and Carol purchased some towels.  I dropped her off at her car in New Berlin and headed home, but I stopped at the VALLEY BAKERY and CAFE in Morris and purchased a couple of small items.  

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