Saturday, February 23, 2013


Round Barn, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
This morning I met up with Linda and her Aunt Penny in Laurens and we headed towards the Bibliobarn in South Kortright, New York.

Once there, H.L. looked through the three boxes of books I took in and bought a few. Penny found three or four books by her favorite authors that she purchased. H.L. drew us a map of how to get to the BIBOLIBARN in Margaretville, where his wife, Linda, is working today.

We headed towards Margaretville. Along the way, still on Roses Brook Road, I spotted this former church and stopped to take a couple of pictures.
right next to the church is the tiny Roses Brook Cemetery, which I want to explore someday.  

When we got to Margaretville, we located the BIBLIOBARN but decided we needed a drink and a snack before going in, so we found a COUNTRY STORE.  I got a red velvet/cheese was very good.  At the Margaretville Bibliobarn, Penny bought a few books and I found two books in the "dime wheelbarrow".

After leaving Margaretville, I noticed this round barn and stopped to take a picture:Round Barn by JuneNY

Penny and I talked about literature all the way home, most likely Linda was bored to tears.  Penny thinks that my favorites TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE GRAPES OF WRATH,  OF MICE AND MEN are very dark........the kind of book she only reads once!

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