Monday, December 26, 2016

MoMo''s and Post Christmas Shopping 12/26/16

Peggy asked me if I wanted to go DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS Shopping with her and I agreed.  We set out from my house around ten thirty a.m. and headed out "the transit"towards Eastern Hill Mall.  We went to BonTon and J.C. Penneys at the mall.  We found some nice "day bags" in  BonTon which were marked fifty percent off and we were able to use an additional coupon for another ten dollars off.  I purchased a brown one and Peggy chose a black one.  We plan to use the bags when we go sightseeing in Israel in February.

I noticed MoMo's Mongolian Grill (where Shogun used to be)

across from the mall and suggested that we check it out as a possibility for lunch.  I was concerned that it would be expensive but when we found out that it was only $10.50 for all you can eat, we decided to try it.  It was a good decision.

The variety of meats, starches and vegetables (and even a couple of fruits) and sauces was huge!

After loading a bowl up, you take it to the check with the huge wok and he grills it up.  
Peg and I each had three servings.  It was fun to design our own plates and try out the different sauces and spices.  

After lunch we headed down to JoAnnes, Hobby Lobby and also went to WalMart.  On the way back to Lockport we stopped at WalGreens.  

It was a fun but kind of tiring day.  

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