Monday, January 2, 2017

Gordy's and Vidlers and Geocaching (first 2017 Adventure)

My sister Gail had her birthday in August.  My other sister (Peggy) and I have been wanting to take her out to lunch to celebrate it, but it just was not happening.  Today Peggy and I decided to do something and it was a perfect chance to offer Gail a chance for her birthday lunch at one of her favorite places GORDY HARPER'S BAZAAR.

I arrived about fifteen minutes early so that I could browse in the small shops.  I didn't find anything that I wanted to purchase.

We had a nice lunch together.  I had a fruit cup and a cinnamon/banana french toast.  Both were good.
After that, Gail and I went to East Aurora so that we could go to Vidler's
and do some geocaching.  We found three geocaches and had two DNF's.  We were surprised at how many museums East Aurora has, since many of the geocaches we looked for were at various museums.  I hope to return to the Millard Fillmore House someday.

I purchased a salt and pepper shaker set and a Christmas ornament at Vidlers.  It was a fun afternoon.

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