Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015: Cold Springs Cemetery, Paula's Donuts and MORE

Last night my sister Gail called me about the Veteran's Day Service TODAY at Cold Springs Cemetery. When I found out that my brother Mike would be the speaker, I decided to go. Gail picked me up and we headed to the cemetery. Mike gave a great talk, mentioning several burial spot of military men all over the cemetery.
Then Gail and I met up with Janie and the boys. I suggested to Janie that since the boy have the day off from school that we might go to Paula's Donuts. She agreed. I told her that I had good buy one get one free coupons and said I would go home to get them and asked her to pick me up at my house. When they arrived, Mike was with them, since he decided to take the whole day off from work. We headed to Clarence and went to Paula's Donuts. Mike suggested we go to an antique shop just down the road.
It is a really neat place. Mike is very interested in a huge old whiskey barrel that they have for sale. THen we went to "train watch". We stopped by some train tracks (in Lancaster) and almost immediately two trains went by (each going a different direction) and then a truck did some maneuvers in order to get up on the tracks. This particularly interested Mike. And then we headed back to the Transit where we went to this store:
where I purchased some items for my grandchilden for Christmas. And then we went to this place:
Apparently, Mike collects wooden cigar boxes that he buys here.
About a half an hour after I got home, I left to meet up with Elaine, Darlene and Sue in order to go to the church in Cambria for a turkey dinner.

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