Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2/15 Geocaching and Urban Exploring with Chick

My computer is broken, so I asked Chick to find some geocache information for Medina, New York. She picked me up at my house and we headed out. Our first stop was in Gasport to find a cache that I had already found a few years ago at a picnic area, across from THE RIDGE ROAD EXPRESS. Chick found it quickly. Along the way, Chick pointed out a quarry, so we stopped and checked it out.
We tried to find KING 2 at a Burger King, but were unsuccessful. Then on to Medina where we found two caches in BUTTS PARK: Home Run at Butts Park and Don't Fall In. It is a gorgeous park.
Then we decided to have lunch. We chose RUDY'S DINER, which we both liked since it was inexpensive and fast. It seems to be a very popular spot.
Then while looking for ALONG THE CANAL, we noticed an abandonment! Turns out it was a cement factory.
We explored a bit. Across the road is the roadside icon A HUGE APPLE sculpture.
Then we got to the area of ALONG THE CANAL. I had found this one before a few years ago with Peggy. Unfortunately, that cache seems to be missing. It is at the historical society, which is in front of the RIDGEWAY TOWN HALL. We went in to ask about getting an Orleans County Map (no luck) and used the restrooms. We drove by the APPLE GROVE INN (where my class had its Senior Prom) and Chick pointed out a house just across from it that Cher rented when she was in the area years ago. It was a great day!!!!!

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