Friday, November 27, 2015


I do not like to shop and normally avoid shopping on Black Friday, but Peggy had a few things she needed, and asked me to accompany her and I agreed. We set out from my house around ten thirty a.m. Our first stop was Paula's Donuts on Sheridan, where we picked up donuts and coffee. Our second stop was BED BATH and BEYOND where Peggy found a Christmas present for David using the twenty percent off coupon we were given at the front door. Then we went to CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPS and we both bought several items, again using a twenty percent off coupon. It said on the coupon that the deal expired at noon, and it was one p.m. or so, but we were able to use it. We had lunch at Old Country Buffet using a coupon, so the two of us got to eat for a combined total of a bit less than ten dollars. Everything we both tried was very good and the place was very clean today. After that we went to DSW and each of us bought a pair of shoes, much discounted because of it being Black Friday. Our last stop was TRADER JOES, and we each bought several items.

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