Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Geocaching Adventure

Chick and I have been trying to get together to go geocaching for about a month, and this is the first day that it worked out!!! I picked her up and we headed to Cold Springs Cemetery where we found COLD SPRINGS WATER TOWER NIGHTMARE. The water tower really IS a nightmare.
And then we headed out to find the NORTH SHELBY CEMETERY cache, in a small cemetery on a dead end road. This one was quick and easy. Then we drove north to get up to 104 to find the multi-cache CORN AND CACHES. Part one was at a farmstand. It was closed, but they had a LOT of squash set out for "self serve", and I bought several
and part two was at a convenience store a half mile down the road. Both were pretty easy. I took the opportunity to fill up my gas tank. By then we were hungry and we decided to see what NES had to offer. It is a very nice convenience store that offers a lot of choices of ready prepared food. Chick had a bowl of soup and I had a fried bologna sandwich.
Earlier on 104 I thought I saw a sign for a bakery, so we backtracked. We did find the sign but the place seems to be closed down.
They seem to be selling used cars now. Our next try was for NEARLY A GENERAL, near a Dollar General in Gasport. We looked for close to a half hour without any luck.
This small "stand" is behind the pizzeria. We found WELCOME TO HARTLAND in another old cemetery. We could not find JAMES CAGNEY...(I think I had the coords plugged in wrong). BUT, I found SCOOTER DUDE in Day Road Park (my fourth try). It was a great day!

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