Thursday, November 5, 2015


Two days ago I went to a chicken and biscuits election day dinner at the Wrights Corner Fire Hall, with Elaine and her cousin Darlene. The dinner was good, but not exceptional. On the way back to Lockport, Darlene started talking about the "other" Amish Store. She called it something like FeelFish (really!). I was able to find the address on the internet. Today, Chicky and I were planning on going geocaching, but she has a sore foot, so we couldn't do that. I decided it would be a good day to try to find the Amish Store. I called Pam and she was happy to accompany me. We set out for Olcott and turned right onto Route 18 and kept driving and driving, it was about 35 miles!!!! But we finally found it. I forgot to take my camera, so I could not take pictures, but here is a picture I found online that was taken in the winter.
The store is much smaller than the other one on 104, but I like this one better. The Amish people are very friendly and helpful. There was an adorable little Amish boy running around. Their bakery section is pretty nice, lots of bread and cookies and best of all they make fried pies and apple fritters. The fritters are only available on Friday and Saturday unfortunately. I bought a loaf of bread, some barley, some fly strips and some herbes de provencial. We continued heading east just to see what was down there. We encountered a few Amish farm stands. We stopped at one and I bought a huge butternut squash, a red pepper and some pears. We eventually got to the hamlet or village of Kuckville. It is very small. There is a church (not active, but well taken care of) with a couple of historical signs. I mentioned to Pam that we had not seen any old cemeteries and she thought she recalled one near MARJIM MANOR (a winery) so we headed back west until we got there, but we did not locate the cemetery. We went to THE CUP AND SAUCER for their Thursday special, all you can eat spaghetti for $1.99. I treated Pam since her birthday was yesterday. Then we came back to my house in Lockport and had some carrot cake (left over from her birthday).

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