Saturday, June 6, 2015


Betty had a rare Saturday off from her job, so I asked her if she wanted to go to yard sales, since both Pendleton and Newfane were offering community yard sales.  I picked her up at nine thirty a.m. and we decided to head towards to Newfane.  While driving through "lowertown", we saw a sign for an ESTATE SALE at the home of a woman Betty knew, so we stopped.  We both bought a few items and Betty was able to find out where the woman is living now. 

We continued on towards Newfane on 78North but stopped several times at sales along the way.  I was delighted to find a narrow dresser, which I need for my bedroom.  The fellow was asking $35 but I offered him $25 and he accepted and he helped us get it into the back of my car.  We finally made it to Newfane and checked out a few sales before heading north towards Olcott Beach since I wanted to stop at BYES POPCORN STAND where I purchased some caramel corn with peanuts.  DELICIOUS!!!

As we headed back south on 78, we stopped for lunch at Gordie Harpers where I used the gift certificate that Gail gave me for my birthday yesterday.  I had one of  the specials: chicken salad sandwich with a cup of soup.  The soup was chicken cordon bleu, and it was very good!  We saw this car parked at Gordie's.  We saw this old Pontiac parked at Gordy's.

We stopped at one more yard sale after that as we continued south on 78.  By this time, the back of my Pacifica was getting pretty full.  Besides the dresser, these are my purchases:

Back at my house in Lockport, Betty helped me get the dresser and six drawers into my apartment. 

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