Monday, June 29, 2015


I picked Mary Ann up at eight thirty a.m. and we headed south.  We drove up the Transit to just beyond Orchard Park and then got on 219 heading south.  Our first stop was at this cemetery on 219.

We stopped in Ellicottville and had lunch at The Ellicottville Brewery.  I had the pulled pork with a red quinoa salad.  It was good.
Then we headed to Salamanca. We got into Allegheny State Park FREE because we are now seniors.  We checked out the Anderson Trail, where my family used to stay when I was little.  The cabins look much the same as they did then, but now they have a central bathroom instead of outhouses behind the cabins in the woods.

Then we looked for and found THUNDER ROCKS.  Mary Ann had never been there.  Here are a couple of pictures.  It is just as spectacular as ever, however now I am too old to be climbing on these huge rocks.  There were a lot of people there, and many of them WERE climbing.

Then we headed to the QUAKER RUN area in order go to THE OLD QUAKER STORE MUSEUM.  It tells the history of the park.
and has a replica of one of the early cabins. 
There is a gift shop next door in the same building.  

We headed north and made a plan:  to drive towards the North Entrance, stopping at BRIDAL FALLS and the STONE TOWER.  Somehow, we drove right by BRIDAL FALLS without seeing  a sign, but we did find the STONE TOWER,  
Aftere that we headed towards our lodging just outside of Jamestown.  I was starting to fade.  When we got checked in, I took a nap, and I think Mary Ann did also.  

For supper, we drove to a Chinese Buffet in Jamestown.  It was very good.  After eating, we took a short walk on a walkway along the river.
  Then it was back to our lodging at the Red Roof Inn in Falconer.  They provide juice and fresh baked cookies in the evening, which we took advantage of.

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