Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve DAY Adventure (12/31/13)

Leslie and I met up in Oneonta for a New Years Eve Day Trip and Geocaching Adventure.  We took some back roads to get to the area we were planning to go to, which took us a lot longer, but we enjoyed some great winter scenery along the way.  I think we got to Andes around eleven or eleven fifteen a.m.  We quickly found three geocaches.  One of them was among some very interesting stone ruins DSC04233 by JuneNY and another one was very closeby.  Then we went to the Andes Hotel for lunch.  I had the bbq pulled pork and Leslie had the Hotel BLT, which had chicken in it.  We spent about twenty minutes checking out a few shops nearby.  Then we looked for another Andes geocache in a large cemetery, but we were unsuccessful.  
     It started to snow and it appeared that it was sticking, so we decided to head towards home on Route 28.  We stopped for one more geocache at a very old cemetery.  

 It appears that this cemetery has not had any real maintenance in a very long time, but someone has recently placed a flag on a former soldiers gravesite.  
    Completing our drive back to Oneonta was a bit treacherous, but we made it just fine and then the snow stopped.  I decided to go over to DragonScape and Lazer Tag because Kim's father died a few days ago, and family and friends were invited there at five p.m.  Lots of food was offered and I had some, before heading home.  .  

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