Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season ofGeocaching Event 12/21/2013

WINNER of the UGLY SWEATER contest at the Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Geocaching Event   12/21/2013 by JuneNY
Today was the annual local geocacher's party at the HOLIDAY INN...............Ho! Ho! Ho! Another Season of Caching!!!
Peggy, Cassandra and Tyler accompanied me, and we met up with Leslie (Luckless).  The breakfast was very good (it always is).  Tyler won the UGLY SWEATER CONTEST.  We all enjoyed the ornament exchange.  
    After the event, we did some geocaching even though it was damp and occasionally rainy.  We found LITTLE CHICKEN CACHE(Cachysandra found it)
and ONEONTA'S ELLIS ISLAND (Awesome Tyler found this one)  but were unable to find SATISFACTION and ANOTHER FISHING ACCESS SITE.
     Then we went to the Calvary Retreat Center to see the nativities on display.  Here is one:  We were given a tour of the old building which was originally the CHESTNUT STREET SCHOOL.
 It was very interesting.  Peg and I offered to take the kids out for a light lunch, but they seemed to want to go home, so we went home instead.  It was a good day.

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