Monday, December 9, 2013

Day in Oneonta with Cassandra and Tyler

My grandkids are staying with me for several days while their parents go on a job interview in Michigan. We decided to use our first day together to go into "town" and do a few things.

Our first stop was on Main Street, where we wanted to see the GINGERBREAD displays in the store windows. While doing that, we made several stops. We stopped at the new candy store and had some "peppermint bark", browsed in two bookstores and stopped at the sporting goods store which is selling out its merchandise before closing down for good.  The highlight of the shopping for me was my purchase of an ELMER FUDD vest at the sporting goods store on Main Street that is selling all of its inventory due to closing soon.  I think the correct name is "fishermans vest", but the label says "OUTBACK VEST" It is a lightweight vest that has a whole lot of pockets.  I got it for half price!

Tyler was disappointed that Santa was not in his house today.  I suggested he write a letter to Santa in a day or two, just in case he and Santa miss each other.

After "doing" Main Street, we went to the library to see what Christmas DVD's are available. And then we decided to have lunch at Denny's.

I purchased DUCK DYNASTY T-shirts for all four of them for Christmas presents at DICK'S SPORTING GOODS at the mall.

Then we went to see the movie FROZEN, which we all enjoyed.

We made a couple more short stops to shop before heading home. It was a great day.

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