Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short Afton Adventure

Today was a warm but rainy winter day.   I invited Betty to go to Afton with me to the MAIN STREET GRILL AND BAKERY.  She had been before and was eager to return and have another cream puff.

We arrived for an early lunch and we each had a cup of beef barley soup and we split a specialty sandwich (the New York Deli).  It was very good!  Then we split a cream puff, and altogether that was just the exact right amount of food!  After lunch we went to the Variety Store right next door. We each purchased a few items.  I was happy to find a new pair of clip on sunglasses for only $3.00.

It had stopped raining, so I suggested we take a side trip down a side road to Coventryville and Betty was all for that idea.  We started down, but then the rain started to come faster and heavier and we thought it was getting colder and might turn to snow, so we decided to turn back.  We took 88 back to Oneonta.

I ran a few errands after dropping Betty off.

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