Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cassy and I go to St. James

I read in the paper about how the Christmas window figurines from the former Bresee's Department Store are at St. James Manor (a retirement home just outside of Oneonta).  My friend Connie and I agreed to meet for lunch and then go to St. James, but she woke up feeling ill and cancelled.  I was going to go by myself, but I ran into my granddaughter (with her family) at WalMart and she decided to hang out with me, so after we completed our grocery shopping, we went to St. James.

here are a couple of the animated figures.  

They also have quite extensive "Christmas Villages" set up. 
as well as some really nice Christmas trees. 
We headed for home after our time at St. James,
and we all decided to prepare LUPPER.    (combination lunch and supper)   I prepared mac and cheese and green salad, Megan and the kids made Ghiardelli's brownies, which will be served with berries and whipped cream and Chris made Reuben sandwiches.  

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