Thursday, August 23, 2012

Country Club Afternoon

Connie suggested that we go to the restaurant at the Oneonta Country Club for lunch, and I agreed.   We met up at 12:45.  We asked if we could sit outside on the patio and were told we could.  I ordered a crab and shrimp salad and Connie ordered the pulled pork wrap.

My salad ($9.00) was the size of a side salad and Connie's meal, ($7.00)which included sweet potato fries, was huge.   I don't even think my salad had any dressing on it.  So, that was a disappointment, but now I know NOT to order a salad there again.

After that,  we went to the PLAINS and spent bout 45 minutes walking their trails. Then I suggested we go out for desert, and Connie suggested PIE IN THE SKY.  When we arrived, we found that they were not offering any pie today, so we changed our minds and went to SPRINKLES AND CREAM.

It was a nice afternoon.

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