Friday, June 1, 2012


I decided it was a good day to go see my friend Judy, who lives in Westford, and does not drive.  A phone call confirmed that she was free and I arrived at her place around ten a.m.   Judy said that she needed to have some copies made, and she said that she could do that at the Worcester Public Library, so we headed out.

We arrived at the library and found out that it would not open until one p.m.  So, we decided to do a few other things and have lunch and return at one p.m.  I told Judy that I would like to go into the newly reopened hardware store,

 and she said she wanted to, also.  The store has kept its old time feel and look, and I took several pictures.  The owner was happy to point out some of the old things and tell us about some of the work he has done since he opened the store.

Then we went to the second hand clothing shop (I think the name of it is the WEAR HOUSE, and Judy found several pairs of shorts and a couple of shirts.  Then we went to what Judy refers to as THE WHITE HOUSE (I think thats a slang name for THE WORCESTER INN) where Judy treated me to lunch as an early birthday gift.   We both had the cold salad plate for lunch, potato salad, chicken salad and macaroni salad on a bed of lettuce.  It was VERY good, but not very filling and we both ordered a piece of pie for desert.  I had chocolate cream and she had lemon.

As we finished up our lunch, it was around one p.m., so we went back to the library for the copies.
Once back at Judy's place in Westford, we visited for a while and then I headed home.  It was a good day.

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