Friday, June 8, 2012

Basswood Pond State Forest Adventure

Leslie and I met up in Laurens for a short trip to Basswood Pond State Forest to find a few geocaches.

Along the way we stopped to do a bit of birdwatching and also so I could take a picture of a home that looks like it may have been a one room schoolhouse in a former life.

I need to try to find some information about this schoolhouse (if indeed it was a schoolhouse at one time)
       A local geocaching family has hidden a series of twelve geocaches in the BASSWOOD POND STATE FOREST.    We had a bit of trouble finding the way to get there, as we never found Basswood Road.....but eventually we found the parking area which was the place to start the caches from.  We grabbed our walking sticks, GPS's, cache information and put our boots on and got started!.  

Her is a view of the picnic area.

Here is a view of the pond from the trail:

It was a glorious morning in a gorgeous and so PRISTINE forest.  We found all five of the five geocaches that we looked for. Here is a picture of one of the geocaches!

  The last one required a walk through a pricker patch, and since I had capris on, I opted to skip this one.  Leslie found it fairly easily, though.   I think both of us were pretty worn out by then and we  backtracked to the parking/picnic area.  We had our lunch (which we each had brought from home) and then headed back to Laurens.

In the Village of Hartwick we saw an Amish woman who had a tiny corner stand set up where she was selling baked goods.    I would like to stop if I ever see this set up again.  I did not know that Amish had moved into Hartwick.

It turned out to be a glorious day!  I am always amazed at the new and interesting places geocaching takes me!!!

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