Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leslie's 500th Geocache!!

I suggested to Leslie that we go out together so she could find her 500th geocache, which I hid in her honor a couple of weeks ago.  We met up at 12:35 at her place and headed out, stopping at Arby's so I could get a chicken sandwich for lunch.

We were well on our way when we realized that neither one of us had the coordinates for the as yet unpublished geocache.   We didn't let that stop us......and we arrived at SACKRIDER CEMETERY.  I gave Leslie a few ideas and we realized (well, she realized) that the cache was hidden in an area of heavy
poison ivy growth.  For a couple of minutes, it seemed like the cache was missing, but she found it.

I decided to move it to a nicer place and we found one and hid it before moving on.

We found two geocaches near Hobart on the rails to trails.  It was a really hot afternoon, and the heat was starting to get to me, so we quit after two and headed back to Oneonta, taking a different route.

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