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DAY 7 and 8 in Israel: 2/13 and 2/14/17

I have to combine these two days because I accidentally deleted Day 7 and cannot replace it in the right daily order.  First thing today we went to YAD VASHEM, which is
Israels holocaust museum.
amount of time to go through the museum on our own.
I cannot recall who I started out with, but after
a short while, I found myself alone, which was OK.
We were not allowed to take pictures inside the

We were given a certain amount of time to go through the museum on our own.
I cannot recall who I started out with, but after
a short while, I found myself alone, which was OK.
We were not allowed to take pictures inside the
I arrived a little early at the appointed spot
(book shop and coffee shop) so I purchased a cup
of hot chocolate and looked at the books.  I
purchased these two

and requested free shipping.
Then our group went into the synagogue where this
woman spoke.
Unfortunately, we did not have time to walk around and
see the relics on display. 

Our next stop was the ISRAEL MUSEUM, the place
where many of the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display
  We spent some time viewing a model of the Old City. It is very detailed. Adjacent to the Shrine is the Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period, which reconstructs the topography and architectural character of the city as it was prior to its destruction by the Romans in 66 CE, and provides historical context to the Shrine’s presentation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Then Hanna suggested lunch.  But before the group
headed out she waved her arm and sai "the museum is
up there, but if you go in it, you will be there all
afternoon" (or something like that)  I decided to
accompany one of the women in our group (I think it
was Helen Z. to the museum.  However we could not
find the museum.  I think we did not walk far enough.
We did, however, see some interesting outdoor art. 
We met up with some of our group at the small restaurant.
I did not want anything to eat or drink, so I checked
out the gift shop and purchased a small red purse.
Our bus took us to our next destination: THE KNESSET
(Israel's Parliament) where we had an appointment to
meet with Yehuda Glick.  We went through Security
then walked to the Knesset, where we waited a short
while before we were taken up  to this room.  Yehuda
came in and introduced himself and told us about an
assassination attempt on his life and his survival. 
and he promoted signing a petition he wrote.  Business cards
were passed out which gave a website address.  Later on,
Craig cautioned us to check it out very carefully before
agreeing to it. 

From there we returned to our hotel and were given time to walk down the street and visit the offices and studio of CBN.  Many of us chose to do that, but some stayed back (Peggy had been sick the night before and wanted to try to rest before supper. 

The staff at CBN were SO friendly and basically allowed us to explore their offices and the studio
Chris Mitchell

The best part was seeing the studio where Jerusalem Dateline is broadcast from  Craig enjoyed being in the limelight!

Day 8           Cool, misty rain in the morning when we took a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.  My complete set o pictures can be seen here:  

After going through security, we briefly visited the site of the Western Wall.

and walked up to the Temple Mount to see  the Dome of the Rock (below)  The Temple Mount was the place where Abraham was prepared to sacrifice  his son, Isaac, the threshing floor that David purchased and the location of the temple that Solomon built.
We were within feet
of the Temple Dome entrance. As we walked by, Hanna mentioned a marble
piece above the guard shack that has a devils face.  She did NOT
point to it, she just told us about it (our whispers were really
handy for this) .  The men in the guard shack started
yelling at us saying "get out of her" and "she is lying" etc
  We walked the Via Dolorosa (The route of the Via Dolorosa begins near the Lions' Gate in the Muslim Quarter and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
 in the Christian Quarter)    This was a very colorful experience, going by many interesting shops. 

We saw the church of St. Ann

St. Anne's Church as it stands today was constructed in the twelfth century during the Crusader period, but even then, it was built to replace a much older Byzantine church. The church is located beside the Bethesda Pool, the healing powers of which Jesus is said to have used to heal an ailing paralytic
As far as I can tell, this
is a picture of the remnants of the baths, but I am not 100 % sure.  Then we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  Much of the inside was in scaffolding.  Then back to the Western Wall and then back to the bus, where we headed to oour lunch spot, in a restaurant that was kind of like a tent.  (Shepherds Valley Tent Restaurant)

and then to Shepherds Field and then to a shop where they sold things made out of olive wood. (Bethlehem Nativity Store)
When we were done in the store we walked to the church of the nativity.


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