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Day 2 in Israel (Wednesday February 8th, 2017) OUR ADVENTURES BEGIN and A VERY LONG DAY

We put our luggage outside of our rooms before going to breakfast  (by seven a.m.) and it was picked up and taken down to the bus where we identified it and had it loaded and we left the hotel around eight a.m.

Then we were taken to the Port of Jaffa (were Peter saw a vision of a linen cloth with unclean food in it) here are some pictures taken there 

and then to INDEPENDENCE HALL.  The building
originally was Meir Dizengoff's house and this is  where documents were signed in l948 forming the State of Israel.

 Our guide there was very good!
 She said that when WW2 ended in l945, the Jews had nowhere to go.

She told us how the first 66 families and their arrival in Tel Aviv.  The land was mostly sand dunes.  Visionary Thedor Herzl dreamed of a Jewish homeland with a Jewish school.  He referred to their land as "our new land"  (altnewland).  They moved to Kalem Jibab and split the land up into small sections.  MeirDizengoff became the mayor.  On November 29, 1947, they voted to end British control.  War broke out the next day.  On May 14, 1948, Israel was declared a state.  The following day Israel was attacked by five nations.

The original chairs from the famous meeting where statehood was declared have been kept
They played a recording of Ben Gurion declaring Israel a state, followed by a Jewish blessing. 

When we were done at INDEPENDENCE HALL we went back to the bus and headed to CAESEREA'S NATIONAL PARK: the Roman Theatre.  This place is absolutely magnificent!!!

 Yosef Ben Matityahu (Josephus Flavius) describes Caesarea, the magnificent city built by King Herod,!!!  

and here are some pictures I  took 

Herod lived in this palace.  Paul was held for three years and several trials were held.  He was sent to Rome from this port. 

The gladiator games were played here : 
and then we headed to Mt. Carmel, stopping to have lunch at a place that did not seem to have a sign
with a name. 
It was kind of a cafeteria and kind of a buffet, you chose from two sandwiches (falafel and chicken cutlet) and then chose from several salads and toppings. 
My meal looked like this after I went through the lines: 
I did not have time to finish it all, before we got on the bus and headed to the DISCALCED BENEDICTINE ORDER MONASTERY, where there was a viewing platform to see Mt. Carmel.  I took this picture. 
We had a brief service in the chapel there.  I am not sure if the proper name for it is Muhraka chapel or St. Elias Church (maybe both)
On the walkway to and from the courtyard I purchased several necklaces from a Druse fellow who claimed the necklaces were made of Mt. Carmel stones but since they were only a dollar (US) each, I am not sure that is true.  I also purchased two that he said are olive wood. 

And then we went to MEGIDDO, also known as ARMAGEDDON !!!! 

Megiddo was one of the strongest and most important cities of Canaan. The remains of the palaces, temples, gates, and the sophisticated water system of the city are evidence of its great power.

According to Christian tradition, an apocalyptic event will take place at the foot of Megiddo (Armageddon), and only the faithful will survive..  Unfortunately, my camera battery died after I took a picture of this sign: 

and this pic
I found some pictures online to add to my photostream on flickr.

And after that, we went to our lodging at Kibbutz-Ein Gev, situated on the Sea of Galilee.
Once again we were given a welcome reception before getting our room assignments.  These were individual units like this one 
We were supposed to have units with two bedrooms, but there was a mixup or something and the units only had one bedroom.  Kathryn graciously gave me the bedroom and she slept on a pull out bed in the living room area.  We were glad to be able to unpack a bit since we would be here TWO nights. 
I think this pic is of the main building where we had the reception.  Supper was another buffet.  There was an oriental group (larger than our group) and there was a lot of Chinese food on the buffet.  After supper, we shopped a bit in the gift shop (David bought beer) and we had a brief meeting downstairs.  During these evening meetings, we could give testimonies and we were told what time to meet up the following morning and other details.  It was announced that a baptism would be held on the beach, a few yards from our room, early the next morning. 

It had been a VERY long day and Kathryn and I went to bed as soon as we could. 

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