Thursday, August 18, 2016

Drive to the Southern Tier: August 17, 2016

Mary Ann and I headed out of Lockport early this morning.  Our destination was Olean, New York where we intended to go to ROCK CITY PARK.  Along the way we geocached (we found two in the South Wales area) and we had lunch at Krolicks's in Chaffee, NY.  Krolick's was great.

stopped for ice cream outside of Delevan at a place called SCOOPS

We arrived at RCP around 2:30 I think.  We spent some time in the main building/gift shop and paid our admission.

At first we were really happy that the trail was marked with arrows. However, at one point we realized we were back at a spot
we had already been to.  It was hot and humid and we really wanted to exit the park, and I thought I knew what direction to go. I was right!  So,we did not see all of the park but we did not care, we really just wanted to get out of it and sit down and have a cold drink.

MaryAnn bought a few small items and we then headed to our lodging at THE NEW LANTERN MOTEL in Allegeny.  We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.   We rested for a while
before going out to QQ Buffet for supper.  (Quality and Quantity)............a Chinese buffet restaurant, which was very good.

my complete set of pictures is stored here:

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