Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day two at Delta Lake (July 26, 2016)

We first headed towards Lee Center, in order to find a cache at the town hall, and then we went
a few miles north to find one near a very old stone schoolhouse.
 Both were successful.  We stopped at two old cemeteries on the way back to 26.  Then we headed into rome in order to go to the Sears gas station museum.  We also found a couple of caches in Rome, and there were a couple of DNF's.

Then we headed to Sylvan Beach, a place neither one of us had ever been before.    When we arrived
 we stopped at a NICE AND EASY to use the restroom  and I asked about nearby parks with picnic tables  The clerk suggested we go to Verona Beach State park, so we headed in  that direction and found it easily.  We got in free because we are old!  and we had a nice picnic lunch and walked around the "waterfront"

We then went to find the lighthouse, where tehre is a geocache, which I found.
 And then to downtown Sylvan Beach to check out the shops.  Unfortunately, free parking is at a minimum and we ended up only going into one very large antique and collectible shop.  While resting on a bench across the street from that shop we met a veteran of Desert Storm and talked with him a while.

It was a bit early for supper, but it seemed we were done in Sylvan Beach, so we found one last geocache at a campground outside of Sylvan. Beach.

Captain Johns for prime rib and lobster for supper.  The prime rib was outstanding the lobster only so so. I think our lobster was left over from yesterday and merely put under a broiler for a minute or two.

Then we drove some back roads to get back to Delta Lake Bible conference.   After a while, we went out for Ice Cream.

caches found today:

Lee Town Hall
District 5
Valentine Cache
Stadium Cache
Verona Beach Lighthouse
Vienna Bell and Bridge
Treasure Isle

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