Monday, July 11, 2016

Return to the Elevator!!! July 11, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Carol and I spent most of the day in Niagara Falls, New York.  Our last stop at the falls area was the Schoellkopf Elevator which took us down into the gorge near the remnants of an old power station.  We were tired and hungry so we kind of hurried through so that we could ind a place for lunch.  I thought we must have missed a lot so I wanted to return and spend more time there.

I asked Pam if she wanted to go with me today, and we set out early this morning.  We found free parking near the aquarium which is more or less across the road from the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center where the elevator is located.

We crossed the road via an elevated walkway and we took the elevator down.  We were following the information in the brochure, but got mixed up around number three.  We needed a bathroom break, so we asked directions to the nearest ladies room and found out we needed to take the elevator back up. So, we did.  And we sat and rested a bit.

We went back down the elevator and spoke with a young guide named Eric he offered to walk with us to find a spot we had been unable to find before.  Pam talked to him about the Lord and he was very open and said he was at a tough place in his life, wondering "what is next for me?" At age 25, some of his friends already have jobs and/or are expecting their first child.  We prayed with him and he accepted Jesus.

We completed our walk around the property and Eric pointed out some remnants
We went back up the elevator and talked with a young man in the information booth about the trails.  We were a bit worn out (plus it was kind of hot) and decided to NOT take a trail.  I asked the young man if he knew the address of  THE WHY RESTAURANT
and he said it is at Main and Portage. We found
 it easily and had lunch there BLT and home fries.  Very good and very cheap!

On the way back to Lockport, on 31, I noticed SMOKIN JOES and wondered if I could get a loaf of bread there and Pam said yes.  So we stopped there.  Before buying the bread, we went through the
museum of cut rock, and saw some beautiful pieces.  We also read many of the historical signs about the indians, tribes, reservations etc.  Pam saw this statue outside of the cigar store and I took her picture.

It was a great day.  

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