Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 17, 2016 at LETCHWORTH

Megan and the kids arrived Friday evening in time for supper and a trip to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM where we purchased five pints of ice cream.
  On Saturday we spent part of the day at
Beaver Island State Park with Peggy and Carrie and her future roommates and their families.

Megan, my grandkids and I headed towards Letchworth State Park early this morning.  I think we arrived around eleven a.m.  A few days earlier, Megan's BFF (Misty) called me and said she wanted to surprise Megan by just showing up while Megan was visiting me.  I suggested Sunday at Letchworth since it was closer than Lockport.  Misty said going to Letchworth was on her "bucket
list for this summer, so it worked out perfect.

A short while after we arrived, Misty texted Cassandra and told her where she was waiting.  Cassandra and I tried to talk to each other "in code" about this, and it was getting pretty funny.  Megan was sure it had something to do with ice cream!!!  When we couldn't find the lookout point where Misty and her kids were, I decided we had to tell Megan what was up so that she and Misty could communicate and agree where to meet.  So, I told her (she was very surprised) and we drove to the spot (Gardeau Point) and met up with them.

We had a great day going to all the spots to view the major waterfalls

, having a picnic lunch, seeing the Mary Jemison cabins
and statue, etc.    After all that, the kids wanted to use the pool.  I took my lawn chair and my book and found a spot outside the pool area to read, and this gave Misty and Megan a chance to talk without me being within earshot.

After that, we decided to have supper together outside the park.  We decided on Mt. Morris and the restaurant CHARRED.
We also explored the Main Street a little, there are LOTS of antique and collectible shops and I saw this great restored ghost sign
(the others were not impressed with my find).

Unfortunately, after leaving Misty and her kids, we developed car trouble, so it was a stressful drive back to Lockport, but we made it!!!

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