Monday, June 13, 2016


I missed the Salt and Light Festival last year so I really wanted to go this year.  Betty and I set it up to first go to the FOOD TRUCK RODEO at Olcott Beach and then go to the festival.

We spent some extra time at Olcott Beach, meandering around and playing Skee Ball.  One of these lanes is original to Olcott Beach.  The others came from other defunct amusement parks. You can see Betty on the left hand side.
 I got the high score of the day so far with 310 and my name was put up on the blackboard!!! 

There were several food trucks, this is one of them:

When we arrived at the Salt and Light Festival, we went directly to the tent that was selling  Chiavetta's Chicken Dinners.
  It was very good. 

Then we went over to the tent where they were calling out the winners to the huge basket auction.  We met up with  Peggy and Becky.  Becky won this, which made her very happy.
Just before the concert, I purchased a strawberry sundae, which was delicious.  The
Elvis Wade concert started at six p.m.
I didn't think it was as good as the one I went to with Becky last year at the Lockport Car Cruise.  I took several pictures and videos.  We stayed until about 7:30, just after Sandy Posey started her performance. 

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