Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pedicure Adventure and Rambling Around

Karra asked me to drive her and an elderly friend (Joyce) to the cosmetology school in Medina for pedicures.  I agreed and decided to have a pedicure myself since I was going there.  We picked Joyce up and drove to Medina arriving a bit early for our 9::15 appointment.

We all had our pedicures (it was the first time for Joyce and me)

Karra seemed to be enjoying herself. 

When the three of us were finished we then headed into the Village of Medina for lunch.  I had chosen the Country Club Restaurant on Main Street, but when Joyce saw it, she said she had a bad meal there not long ago, so we kept looking.  The next place we went to was not serving breakfast (that's what Karra and Joyce wanted) so we went to Rudy's Diner.

They had breakfast and I had the soup and sandwich special: a cup of bean soup and a ham salad sandwich.  We were all well satisfied with our meals.

Before heading back to Joyce's house, I asked her if she minded if we went to Peggy's house so I could drop off her cold mist vaporizer.  She did not mind so we headed towards Hartland.  I thought they might enjoy seeing a few things along the way, so we stopped at the bulk food store on 104 and then we stopped to see the cobblestone schoolhouse and the "haunted farm market".  We drove by one of the Amish farms and then dropped the vaporizer off at Peg's house.  Joyce seemed to be having a great time, often exclaiming that "this is such a great adventure".

Driving back to Joyce's house from that point was kind of a comedy of errors,with Joyce and Karra both giving me routes to take at the same time, but we finally made it! Arrived back at 17 at one fifteen p.m.

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