Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hospice Walk and Party: Saturday 2/14/16

There was a fundraiser "walk" today starting at Niagara Hospice.  It was below zero in the morning, so Peggy, Becky and I decided NOT to even go to Hospice since it would be too cold to walk.  We did go to the "after party" at the Elks Club.

There was music:  
the music was not at all offensive, but it was too loud.  

We sat in the large back room which was furthest away from the band.  The food was FREE.............pulled pork sandwiches,, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and red potatoes.  

The highlight was the basket raffle, which we actually missed most of since the band did not stop playing and we did not know they started.  Becky won two baskets.
  Peggy won one and Peg and I together won one.  I went home with a twenty five dollar gift certificate to THE VILLAGE EATERY.

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