Friday, February 26, 2016

DISCOVERY WEEKEND at Faith Tabernacle Church February 25-28, 2016

This event was not really a Faith Tab event,   It was sponsored by the Lockport Evangelical Ministers Association which is an organization of area pastors who meet regularly.  Although I knew I would not be able to attend each and every session, I registered anyways.

I picked Pam up since she recently broke her wrist. We arrived a couple of minutes after six p.m.  I was SO surprised to see my brother there and we sat at his table near the front..  He was with the Pastor of New Life Church who is also the chaplain for the Lockport Police Department.  It was great to touch bases with him!

The first night (Thursday 6-9) was fantastic, with some videos and three speakers.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I missed  the second night.  The next event was ALL DAY Saturday.  I arrived a bit late, but they had not started yet.  I introduced myself to Pam's friend and neighbor (Susan) and she had taken very good notes and she shared them with me. Here is a picture of Larry Lane.  He grew up in Lockport but moved away.

The day was FANTASTIC.  I sat with Steve and Patty, Pastors of New Life Church, and their friends and parishoners Ben and Heather joined us.  Our discussion were very good.  Pastor Steve has a talent for summarizing what he has heard in a few sentences, which helped us stay on track.  Lunch was provided and it was very good.

I was really worn out and overslept Sunday morning so I stayed home from church.  Sunday night was the final session.  It was excellent!  We were each given  a flash  drive with all of the materials covered on it.

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