Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ADULT COLORING NIGHT at the Lockport Library 2/24, 16

Coloring for adults seems to be sweeping the nation.  I always enjoyed coloring with my kids and grandkids and now I can do it on my own!!!.  However, even though I have a coloring book that Betty gave me for Christmas and colored pencils and markers, I have not done it at home yet.  So when I saw that the library was offering a session at night on Tuesday, February 24th, I spread the word and my friend Elaine decided to go with me.

Although we arrived about two minute after six p.m. (and it was a drop in event), we were surprised to see almost every seat filled.  We saw Bonnie and Crystal  and Crystal's daughter Jen at the first table and there were a few empty seats so we took them.

All supplies were provided and we choose from numerous coloring sheets (ranging from simple large shapes to very detailed designs) and a few bookmarks and we got to work.

Around 6;30, Marlene came in and she joined our table.  We were all given the opportunity to compete for prizes and there were two or three drawings and Marlene won a small coloring book!!!

When the event was over, Elaine and I spent a few minutes checking out DVDs and books and I talked with Marlene a little.  It was a fun evening and I plan to go again next month (they offer it the fourth Tuesday of every month)

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