Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Urbex, Geocaching, Reids and more: August 5, 2015

Peggy told me about an abandoned park here in Lockport that used to have a geocache in it. I was able to find the archived geocache and get the coordinates. I messaged Chickie on facebook and she was very interested. Chick picked me up this morning and we headed to the park. We did not need the coords since she remembered going to the park years ago, and how to get there. We found it easily and parked and walked right in. Here are pics: Chick said that the area beyond the fence with the NO TRESPASSING signs was once used as a dump. Then we headed to the fishing area where HIDDEN PARK is hidden. Using her new GPS, Chick walked right to it and found it.
Chickie was familiar with this area, having gone fishing there in the past. After that Chick had a couple of errands to run, and then we decided to have lunch at REID'S. We both had the double fish sandwich, which was very good. Then we hid a geocache in lowertown, in a wooded "island" adjacent to the area where the old gas plant was demolished recently. Then we decided to go to the Town of Lockport Nature Trails. We had a hard time finding it, but finally arrived. The first thing we did was retrieve the cache I hid last fall since rejected it because of it being too close to another cache. We attempted to find that cache (in honor of barkeater) using chickies new GPS, but there is something about that GPS that we do not now since the arrow did not seem to work correctly. Unfortunately, I had left my GPS and the coords in her car. We enjoyed walking the trails though except when we saw a snake....Chick REALLY hates snakes (since an incident when someone emptied a bucket of them over her head years ago).
When we got back to the car I found he coords for this cache and put them into my GPS, and we were within three hundred feet of it but Chickie had a sore toe and did not want to look for it. Chickie suggested that we check out the foundations that are the remains of the old Cotton Batting factory on Elmwood Avenue. Since I had the retrieved cache with me, I found a spot and hid it. On the way to my house, we stopped at a small farm stand near Molinaro's for some sweet corn. It was a good day.

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