Friday, August 28, 2015

Solo Medina, Olcott and Appleton Adventure: Find One and Hide One Geocache!!!!

After an early morning medical appointment, I realized that it was a gorgeous late August day and decided to spend some time outside. I tried to reach two friends, but one was unreachable and the other was busy, so I decided to just GO. I headed out towards Olcott, thinking that it might be a nice day to walk on the beach and see if I could find some "sea glass". Driving along Route 78, I decided to stop and park and walk on Main Street, Newfane to see what I could find. I found a very nice gift shop and browsed and took a few pictures. This small building used to be the State Bank of Newfane.
I saw a poster for an upcoming festival at a museum, so I typed the address of the museum into my GPS and headed towards it. I found the HRVOL MUSEUM, which is laid out like a small village. There were cars there, but it seemed to be closed. A man drove up and got out of his car and told me that the museum is only open two days a year, but that he could either take me around after he ran an errand (pick up lunch for the prisoners who were doing some work on the buildings) or I can call him and set up another time. I told him I will try to get a couple of friends together and then I will call him and set something up. He told me I could walk around and look at the buildings so I did. I particularly liked the mercantile! I took this picture of one of the prisoners painting the tiny schoolhouse.
Note how he is wearing a red and white striped outfit! Then I headed to Olcott where I found out that the beach was closed and the gate locked. I decided to try to find SOME TREES ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS, an elusive geocache that I looked for twice before. This time I found it! By now it was lunch time but nothing in Olcott appealed to me. I recalled a place in Appleton that I went to last summer BAEHRS, and decided to try to find it. I was successful in finding it, and happy that it was still open, but without the crowd that was there last year in early July. I had a burger and onion rings and a small twist frozen custard. Then I headed back to a small village or hamlet that I had driven through: APPLETON. I saw this gift shop and stopped:
I went in and talked with the owner and purchased an inexpensive bracelet with beads that appear to be made of wood, but are most likely plastic. I talked to the owner (Jeannine Desmarais) about geocaching and she gave me permission to hide one. I showed her the spot I liked and also the geocache container and I hid it. She mentioned that this building across the road used to be the mercantile
Continuing down the road towards 104 on my way home, I noticed an old cemetery so I stopped to check it out.
I took several pictures. When I got home, I went to and found out that it is the APPLETON CEMETERY. I really enjoyed my solo mini road trip today!

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