Friday, August 21, 2015

Lyndonville, etc. ADVENTURE: Agust 21, 2015

I picked Mary Ann up and we headed to Lyndonville to look for some geocaches. We looked for two in Lyndonville: one in a park and one in a cemetery, but we did not find them. So we headed north towards the lake. We remained unsuccessful when we searched for two more: one near where there used to be a pier (Yates Pier)
and another two part at a small settlement of cottages along the lake. Our first FIND was in BEECHER CEMETERY,
and then we found LEAVE ME A NOTE, in another settlement along the lake. We headed back towards Lyndonville to find a place for lunch and chose The Hojack Ice Cream Shack and Grill.....only outdoor seating. We each had a burger and ice cream. I loved the sixties music they had playing.

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