Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This was my first Thanksgiving in my new home (really, my OLD home) in Lockport.   On Thanksgiving morning, I did some decorating for Christmas.  This is my table BEFORE food and people were added!

on THANKSGIVING DAY, Peggy and Dave, two of Dave's grown children (Catherine and Scott) and my friend Betty joined my daughter Carrie and I.

 We had dinner at 3:30 consisting of

gravy..................all prepared by David

baked sweet potatoes
70's fruit salad
baked butternut squash
mac and cheese
spinach casserole
Paula Deens cornbread casserole
devilled eggs                                      
homemade cranberry/orange sauce                all prepared by me

desert was
elderberry pie and chocolate peanut butter pie from HALL'S
Turtle Brownies and Christmas cookies (baked by me)

Betty brought some great rolls and overfilled my candy bowl!

Everything was delicious.

I invited my sister Gail and Peggy and Dave joined us for "leftovers" lunch.
I made myself a "thanksgiving sandwich"  turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy on
a whole wheat roll" and it was absolutely delicious!!!!!

Peggy and I went to Buffalo to visit a friend, Robin, in the hospital. Then we went to Paula's donuts, and Trader Joes!  It was a great afternoon, which just FLEW by.

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