Saturday, November 8, 2014


Peggy and I met up at my house in order to spend the afternoon together.  First we went over to Mike and  Janeys house so Peg could drop off some items.  I took the boys "Halloween Bags" that I had put together and gave them to the boys.

Then we went to a "services" fair at a local church (Christ Church on the corner of Pine and Genesee).  There were a lot of freebies, and a lot of information about area services.

Then we headed out to Niagara Falls Blvd.  First stop: International Tops.  Now I know how to get there.  Drive out the blvd, and eventually will see Trader Joes on the left hand side.  Turn left at the next light and drive down a bit and the International Tops is on the left.  The Jewish deli was closed (its their sabbath).  We looked around at the other places offering ready to eat food and then decided to eat someplace else.

We decided to eat at Chipotle.  The "bowls" we had were really good, but the place was SO noisy, and the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired.

Then it was on to TRADER JOE'S.  I spent a bit over twenty dollars and purchased the following:
I was really glad  that they had sweet chili sauce and bought four bottles.  (last time  they had none).  

After that it was to the PAULA'S DONUTS on Sheridan Drive.  I had a cream filled peanut donut and Peggy had a chocolate cream filled chocolate frosted donut.  

After that we headed for home, stopping only to get gas.  We had some geocaching information for caches close to the area we were in, but we skipped geocaching because it was cold and rainy outside.  

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