Saturday, November 1, 2014


My cousin Becky and I met up at ALL SAINTS church (formerly St. Patricks) for their AUTUMN SPLENDOR Event...........which offered a basket raffle, vendors with lots if items for sale and chowder.  We only stayed long enough to spend $5.00 on the basket raffle.  It was impossible to see inside the baskets to see what was in  them, so neither one of us wanted to spend more than that.  I bought a few magnets and a small jar of homemade chili sauce.
We left after depositing our tickets and headed out to Gasport for the 
turkey dinner and bazaar at Covenant United Church of Christ in Gasport, NY.
 Before the dinner, we shopped.  There were numerous vendors with various items, Grandma's Attic (used items for sale) and also fruits and apples for sale as well as baked goods.    I bought several items from Grandma's Attic,  and basket of potatoes, apples and squash and some raffle tickets.

We waited in the sanctuary with several other people for the dinner to start.  I loved the altar decorations. 

Finally, it was time for the turkey dinner.  It was delicious!  
During the meal, Becky received a phone call from All Saints Parish telling her that she won a basket!  She has all the luck!

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