Saturday, January 25, 2014

TWO MUSEUM Adventure (in Norwich)

Leslie and I went to the Chenango County Historical Museum, had lunch at Bill's Diner and then went to the Bullthistle Model Train Museum, also in Norwich.  It was a great day!

At the historical museum,  which is housed in this former school
I particularly liked the NORWICH PHARMACEUTICAL room.  Do you remember UNGUENTINE?  
I do!!!!  

Lunch at the diner was just as good as it was last summer.  I had the exact same thing I had then:  THE GREEK SAMPLER.  It was delicious.  So was the soup (pasta fajoile)..I know that is not spelled right, but it is a bean and pasta soup in a light tomato sauce.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunatley, we had to pass on desert!  

While we were having lunch I was looking over some of the brochures I picked up at the historical museum and found out that the BULLTHISTLE MODEL TRAIN MUSEUM was open so we went there after lunch.  
It is a small museum (nothing like the one in Medina) but very nice.  

This man greeted us and gave us some information about the displays.  He grew up in Huntington on Long Island.  

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