Monday, January 13, 2014

GREENE COUNTY Geocaching Adventure 1/13/14

Leslie and I set out this morning for Greene County to do some geocaching.   I had found a bunch of geocaches close to ST. JOSEPH'S CHAPEL in Ashland, New York and planned a route to drive to them.
     Our first stop was in Prattsville, where we found three geocaches: one at a fishing access, one at a cemetery (Old Prattsville Cemetery)

and one in a park (Devasego Park) where we saw some interesting rugged handmade outdoor furniture.
      Shortly after that we turned onto 23A and headed towards Lexington, stopping to find a few caches along the way.  In Lexington, we stopped and I took a picture of this old hotel and peeked in the windows.

Then we found a cemetery not far away and found a cache there.  Also, we noticed a small historical society in an old church
and stopped to look for information about when it is open.  We could not find any.
   From there we headed north on 17 stopping at another fishing access to find another geocache before getting to 23.  We headed east towards Windham and stopped for lunch at the Catskill Country Store and Restaurant.  Lunch was not one of the high points of the day, but I purchased some delicious cranberry chutney.   This is something new since I was last at the Country Store:
     Then we headed west on 23 towards Ashland and found another fishing access geocache before heading towards St. Josephs Chapel further west.  Finding the geocache at the chapel was the pivotal point of our trip, but it turned out to be the very last place we cached.  The chapel was unlocked and we went inside for a few minutes.  And then we found the last geocache of the day, number 12 !!!
   One last stop back in Prattsville, at the cemetery where Zadock Pratt is buried.

And then on to Oneonta where I dropped Leslie off.  I stopped at McD's and picked up a couple of double cheeseburgers and continued on home.  I was exhausted!!!!

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