Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vernon Exploring and Geocaching April 21, 2016

Carol remembered seeing what she thought was an Amish Store a few years back in the Vernon area, so we headed towards it early today.

Our first stop was at a really neat salvage business.  R.E.B. Demolition.  It was like a scene out of AMERICAN PICKERS.
The owner said he has been in business since he was a little boy, working with his father.  

We went to several antique shops.  The two I liked were JUST LIKE GRANDMAS 


  We found the store that Carol thought she remembered, but it was not very impressive.  It was a standard Mennonite Bulk Food Store.    

We couldn't find a park with a picnic table, so we pulled into a spot on a side road and made sandwiches for lunch.  

We went to a Friehofers Discount Bread Store and we each purchased several items.  Carol pointed out what is left of a popular restaurant that recently burned down.  
We stopped at the village square in the village or hamlet of Vernon Center to find a geocache.  The cache was easily found and then we noticed a consignment shop so we went to it.  Carol found some drapes.  

Altogether we found 7 geocaches today.  When we got back to Carol's place, the roast beef she had put into the crockpot that morning was almost ready.  We peeled some potatoes and cooked and mashed them.  It was a very good meal.  

I was able to log my caches and start my blog on Carol's wifi.  

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