Friday, April 8, 2016

Rambling Around with Pam ADVENTURE

I desperately wanted to try the Apple Fritters at Feltfrishes Store and asked Pam if she wanted to accompany me today.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found that Feltfrishes has closed, and it looks like its NOT just a seasonal closing.  We were disappointed, but continued with our day out.  We drove down to Point Breeze to see the lighthouse and look for a geocache hidden there.
the wind was wild and crazy, nearly knocking us over, but we managed to look for the cache for about five minutes before we had to give up.  We drove east on 18 a few miles and then turned around and headed back. We made one stop at a meat market that appeared to be Amish, but it was not open.

  I turned north to go through Lyndonville.  We had lunch at Curly's a very nice bar in Lyndonville.   We each had a scrumptious cup of clam chowder for only a $1.50 and then BLTs with hand cut fries.  Curly was very friendly and helpful, and I would definitely eat there again.

After lunch we continued heading south until we got to 104.  Pam had never been to Millers Bulk Food so we stopped there, where we both made a couple of purchases.  

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