Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rolling Hills Asylum: Sunday April 24, 2016

Becky, Vera and I met up at Peggy's house and Peggy drove us to East Bethany, NY to go to a historical tour of ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM.

It was never really an asylum or psychiatric hospital,   It was established in l827 as the Genesee County Poor House (originally it was a working farm), and it soon became a dumping ground for the outcasts of society.  Widows and orphans mingled with mentally ill people.

The present owner (Sharon) is the third private owner of the property.  She moved to New York from California.  Previous to that, another owner had shops and I think another previous owner may have rented rooms out.

At any rate, 12 participants gathered at four p.m. and Sharon took us inside where we signed waivers and gave information about emergemcy contacts, etc.  Many in our group were avid ghost believers and hunters.

Sharon focused on paranormal stuff, which was disappointing to us since we merely wanted a HISTORICAL TOUR.

Here are a few pictures:

here is Vera in one of the many rooms.

Here is a picture of Peggy and I at the entrance fo the asylum.  
My complete set of pictures can be seen here. 


The weird thing about the tour is that the believers were seeing and hearing things that the non believers did not see or hear.  Go figure!!!  My theory is that if you try hard enough you will see and hear things.  BUT NOT REAL THINGS!!!!

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