Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon Matinee ADVENTURE

The leader of the Tuesday morning Life Group (prayer and bible study) decided to plan an outing to the REGAL THEATRE to see the movie WAR ROOM.
When the meeting was over, we had to make a quick decision about lunch. It was noon and Elaine had agreed to meet up with some ladies who were going to the movies who had not come to the meeting at 12:30 at the church. This did not leave us much time for lunch. So, some of us hopped into cars and went to a fast food place to pick something up. We went to Arby's and got sandwiches. I was not sure we would make it in time for the movie since there was an accident on the Transit and traffic was held up, but we arrived in time. There is a special price for the Tuesday matinee: $5.00. The movie was wonderful, and I like the comfortable seats at this theatre. After we got back to the church and our cars, I suggested to Pam that we go out for ice cream at Johnsons. Its a good thing I followed her because she headed to RJ's on Lincoln Ave, so we had ice cream there.

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